Disable social networking
at homework time,
enabling your children
to focus.

Proper sleep patterns are essential
for kids. Automatically
block their internet
at night.

Give them the edge they need.

No. of Students from families WITH Parent Power boxes winning academic prizes42.8%
No. of Students from families without Parent Power boxes winning academic prizes3.5%

* Figures from a top Perth boy's school, 2013

Protect your children from
the dangers of the web.

Retain your own
unfiltered internet
access while blocking
the children's.

When a child Googles for "melons"
Parent Power ensures they will
find pictures of fruit.

Now only $249 (inc. GST)

(plus $9.95/month subscription)

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One Solution for the Whole Home

Parent Power is a fully Australian owned and manufactured gizmo that automatically scans your network and lists each device in a simple control panel. You can then decide what restrictions you want applied to each device. It does not require you to install any apps, software or updates on any of the devices in your home. There is no limit to the number of devices that can be simultaneously protected.

Protection includes but is not limited to:

All iPhones, iPads and iPods

All Android based devices

All PCs and Laptops

Xbox (all models)

Playstation (all models)

All Macs and Macbooks

Media Players (all makes)

Apple TV and Fetch TV

Nintendo Wii