All testimonials shown here are genuine letters or emails that we have received from our customers.

The Parent Power system is fantastic. I purchased the box and support after years of struggling to manage our 16 year old son's electronic addictions. For years we'd physically managed devices by locking them in the safe or hiding them. Partly because of this, our son was very tech savvy and had managed to rebuild and repurpose devices in very ingenious ways. For this reason I was concerned that the Parent Power box was not going to be 'up to the job'.

Ahead of installing the device, James and Susanne worked with me to develop an introduction strategy that was going to address what I expected to be my son's response plan. We worked on a plan to physically secure the Parent Power box, modem and range extender to prevent him resetting the router or password.

He reacted as predicted. He was wild! BUT, after a few days of cold turkey, he started playing the piano, taking photos and even reading! The introduction of the box was the circuit breaker we needed to get him on a straighter path. We expected him to be more 'cunning' in getting around the device but he's actually (by and large) accepted the controls and seen the benefits. I really appreciated the team approach they took and felt supported in my struggle. If you're thinking that your son or daughter is too old or too smart for Parent Power talk to James and Susanne first. They're up for the challenge!

Finally, a hint for other parents. If your child has a data plan on their phone they will still have internet access. You need to either agree with the child to control access to the phone or get the data turned off. I thought I did this with Optus (you need to call them) - but soon found out that it hadn't worked. If your child is smart, they can Bluetooth their device to other technologies and bypass your controls. I am withholding enacting the final threat: to cancel the data (again) or cancel the phone. The fight is not over but it has been largely won!

Rachel M

We purchased Parent Power at the beginning of term 4 as we were concerned about our 15 year old's school grades. Within one term of having Parent Power, her grades have gone from below 50% to over 75% as a result of limiting internet distractions. We are absolutely over the moon with these results.

Thank you Parent Power.

Jennine G

Hi there, thank you for that call about the password. We love Parent Power - it's the only thing we've had success with in our war against technology!!

I'm sure you know this but we find it hysterical that the reviews for the product online don't appear to be positive until you read them and realise they are mostly from children complaining that PP has ruined their lives!!

Thanks again - great customer service.

Tim and Susanna H

Parent power is such a brilliant little thing that changed our life at home.

Sadly children will get sucked into endless hours online let alone places we prefer them not to go. The parent power set up was so easy and brilliantly easy to program when they could or couldn't and also let me allow usage for study but not gaming at the same time.

Whilst I didn't use the reporting function a lot, it still was valuable to have and I used it to show them. Adding extra devices when friends came over was also very simple.

Thanks for having set this great system up, it is terrific.

I would strongly recommend it for any family with children online.



I must say I thought it was invaluable over the last few years - it actually reduced the arguments we had about technology time and proved to be a useful negotiating/reward tool. I would highly recommend this to anyone with school age children as technology is proving to be more intrusive and distracting for our kids, not to mention how scary it can be - what they can access and who can access them!

The customer service has been fantastic too!

Thanks :)

Kind regards

Jenny M

Since we had Parent Power installed, my wife & I have been able to sit back at night, relax and enjoy a nice wine & quiet time together.

Controlling the kids time on the internet and restricting them to specific sites means that a lot of stress is removed. My kids can now get to bed earlier and I notice they have found more time to read books, magazines and even do some homework!

I like the way you get a daily report that specifies what sites have been visited and what items have been blocked. It has given us so much peace of mind. Setting up of the 24/7 calendar for my kids has made life a breeze and you can even set up a visitors "access level" for when the kid's friends visit and this becomes a template for future use.

Thank you James & Susanne for all your hard work to make parents lives so much easier!

Paul O'C

Thanks James. You are a star!

We continue to be very grateful for Parent Power. A brilliant invention. Well done.


Claire and Phil

In three words - I love it !!!

Parent Power does everything that we hoped it would do. I was surprised that our kids were not more upset initially about the restrictions imposed, but having said that, we had good dialogue with them about the changes and the reasons behind it. I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders - it gives me great comfort to know that they can still have appropriate access but we are now in control of the amount of time and the type of access. We are now setting the agenda in our family for what we deem as appropriate social media/gaming/internet - previously it was our kids who set the agenda in this regard - a big shift.

I've been reviewing the reports daily but not yet found any unacceptable sites that are not yet included.

This might sound a bit corny, but I think deep down we are showing our kids that we care for them, by taking the time and money to invest in something that is ultimately for their own safety and benefit.

Well done on a great product that is very user friendly and does actually work!

Pauletta W.

The installation of my Parent Power server has enabled me to ensure that I can provide safe access to WiFi Internet at home.

I have the additional comfort of knowing that I have 24/7 customer support. With Parent Power I am able to micro-manage each individuals access to my Internet, and most importantly my children's access.

With three young boys at home it is vital that I have control of when and what they do in cyberspace.

James and Susanne have worked hard to ensure that Parent Power delivers what it promises.

I am so grateful to have such a comprehensive and easy-to-manage Internet filter at home.

Thank you Parent Power!

Lucy O.